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Thai - Japan Gas Co., Ltd

        Thai - Japan Gas Co., Ltd (TJG) was established in 1989. The company is an affiliate of Tomoe Group, a leader in producing and distributing industrial gas and gas for medication in Japan. Working together with Tomoe Shokai Company, TJG has been transferred the modern technology, knowledge and profession regarding gas for industrial and medication, and other special gases. The company has modern and accurate analyzing equipment such as GC gas analyzing machine, Oxygen measuring machine, moisture measuring machine etc. The company realizes that the importance of customers is number one. The company always cares about purchasing process, production, quality control and also after-sale service under the quality management system ISO 9001 : 2008. The company has increased the number of branches to the North, industrial estate in the North and the East, Amata Nakhon industrial estate to cover and respond to the customers’ needs which are getting higher.

        We promise that “We will provide the high quality of products with full-capacity services to meet our customers’ highest satisfaction”

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Thai - Japan Gas Co.,Ltd

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